Adagio For Hair offers different levels of service pricing based on our Service Providers level of education, demand of time and skill set experience. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that our guests completely understand our service price menu and the level of the Service Provider they will be seeing in order to provide the very best guest experience. Careful consultations, prior to reserving the service, are required by all who reserve services for our guests. In order to properfully match the guest with both the correct Service Provider for their service and the service requested , the guests hair and skin type, condition and salon services prices must be explored prior to reserving the service. In doing so, the salon company will retain a loyal and happy client base and thriving career experience for our salon employees. Please remember:

Adagio For Hair does not have a certain number of years you must work before promotions to higher levels.  We do not base our prices on how many YEARS A SERVICE PROVIDER HAS BEEN IN THEIR CAREER.

Definition of Service Providers Qualifications Of Levels The complete understanding of how to properly reserve guests with the correct stylist and budget for their service begins by having thorough knowledge of the definitions of  our Service Providers credentials which qualifies them for their respective level. The level qualifications are based on the Service Providers:


Education: the amount of time the Service Provider has invested in their career in order to obtain a state license to practice, and may include ANY additional training certifications in techniques, workshops, and classes in order to better perform their services.

Demand Of Time: the amount of time a Service Provider has been reserved for guests services. The more “open” or “less booked” they are means they have MORE availability, whereas a more seasoned service provider may be less “open” and have a majority of their time previously reserved. Most  Senior and Master Service Providers are reserved for the year in advance as the majority of their clients return on a regular basis. These Service Providers will generally have less time for same day appointments and new guests, although it is important that they continue to add new guests to their base.

Stylist Experience: DOES NOT REFER TO HOW LONG THEY HAVE “BEEN DOING HAIR”, or any other service they perform. Stylist Experience, at Adagio For Hair, refers to their level of competency in a service. For example: it is common for a Stylist to be very skilled at a Balayage because of time invested in educating and perfecting their skill set in that service. This may have occurred in many ways but may include many hours of hands-on practice, video instruction, workshops and professional classes. At any rate the Stylist is highly proficient although may have only been “licensed and doing hair” a very short time.

Definitions of Level Service Providers Qualifications

New Talent Stylist – Our Associate Hairstylist Program the foundation of our hair department. We hand-pick recently licensed cosmetologists to join our in-house, post-graduate training program and receive months of technical training working daily alongside a Senior or Master Stylist. Our Associate Program prepares our Stylists with the skills and confidence to perform services in a real-life salon setting. As this young professional is being mentored by our Senior and Master Stylists, please allow ample time as services with our New Talent Stylists do take longer. 

Studio Stylist – Successfully completing Adagio For Hair Associate Training Program, our Studio Stylist is proficiently offering all salon services. Further developing their skill sets, through continued education, our Studio Stylists focus is learning advanced techniques and trends. Studio Stylists usually have more availability as they are building a loyal and happy client base. 

Advanced Stylist – Has achieved advanced certification techniques in cutting, styling and coloring hair. They have extensive knowledge in all salon services and are pursuing more challenging skill sets such as corrective color and advanced highlighting techniques, tips and trends. Advanced Stylists have less availability as they have established a loyal client base.

Senior Stylist – Senior hair stylists typically fill the middle tier of the stylist hierarchy. Having invested time learning more about their craft. Senior Stylists require little mentoring and have the knowledge and skills that usually equate to a higher cost for the guest. Senior Stylists strive to make the client’s hair wishes come true, whether a cutting-edge style, a traditional cut or a hue to lift the spirits. Senior Stylists also mentor our New Talent and Studio Stylists and as well as serving clients, and usually are reserved by their loyal client base several months in advance. Many Senior Stylists are pursuing Educator roles trained by many prestigious professional product companies

Master Stylists – Serve in mentor roles in our salon. Master stylists are our most advanced level of stylists and have a large and loyal clientele who usually book a year in advance. Haircuts, color services and styles by Master Stylists often are the most expensive in the salon. Their expertise in using a variety of cutting, coloring and styling methods sets them apart. Attention to detail, creativity, and customer service is what you can expect from our Master Stylists. Many Master Stylists are serving as Educators to professional product companies and often train Service Providers outside of our salon, and have achieved several certifications in the most advanced techniques.