Get Swimsuit Ready with Body Waxing Services

Swimsuit season is creeping up on us quickly, so it’s important to be ready! Unwanted hair can be unsightly and embarrassing, and shaving can leave your skin feeling rough and uncomfortable. While some people fuss with razors almost every day to try to get the look they want, professional waxing is far more efficient and effective, and the experts at Adagio For Hair can help!

Benefits of Waxing

There are a few options for unwanted hair removal, and waxing will give you some of the best results, as well as other benefits.

  • Long-lasting. Waxing lasts a long time because it removes hair deep down at the root. That means that the hair follicle must repair itself and regrow before building new hair cells that become new hair strands. That takes some time – up to six weeks – which makes waxing very effective. Shaving cuts the hair at the skin’s surface, so it quickly grows back in a matter of days, leaving rough stubble that can also be itchy and irritating. 
  • Skin-friendly. Professional waxing uses natural wax products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals or irritants, unlike depilatory creams that remove some hair but also can leave an unsightly rash. Also, you don’t have risks of nicks and cuts with waxing like you have with shaving. Waxing also gives your skin an extra boost with its exfoliating action, removing surface pollutants and dead skin cells for healthier, softer skin. 
  • Effective and precise. Waxing removes all the unwanted hairs in the treated areas, unlike depilatory creams, which often have spotty results. And because your Adagio For Hair esthetician can apply the product with precision, you only remove the hair you don’t want – so it’s a perfect choice for sculpting brows. 
  • Economical. Compared with all the products you need to buy for shaving or using cream hair removers constantly, professional waxing appointments about once a month give you superior results at a more economic price – for both your wallet and your precious time.

Pre-Waxing Preparation

Before your waxing appointments, you can prepare with a few easy tips:

  • Allow your hair to reach about a quarter inch. That will help your hair cling to the natural waxing product for easier removal. 
  • Ask your Adagio For Hair esthetician about any skincare products that you’re using. You may need to discontinue some products a few days before your treatment. 
  • Relax. Many people think that waxing is painful, but that’s not the case when it’s done by an experienced esthetician at Adagio For Hair. Most clients experience minimal discomfort. But if you have especially sensitive skin, speak to your Adagio For Hair esthetician before your appointment. 

Post-Waxing Skincare

After your waxing treatment, you’ll want to care for the treated areas properly with recommendations from your Adagio For Hair esthetician. In addition to the specific recommendations of your esthetician, you can optimize your skin’s health with a few simple tips:

  • Avoid hot water. Hot showers and baths can irritate right after a waxing treatment, so choose cool showers.
  • Avoid products immediately after waxing. Unless your Adagio For Hair esthetician has specifically recommended a product for immediately after your waxing appointment, it’s best to avoid all creams, lotions, and perfumed products for a day or two. 
  • Consider cortisone cream. Your Adagio For Hair esthetician may recommend a topical cortisone treatment for your skin if you have any inflammation, but only use those products if recommended by a professional. 
  • Save the workout for later. Perspiring can be irritating for freshly waxed skin, so it’s usually best to postpone workouts after your waxing appointment. 

Waxing Services at Adagio For Hair

At Adagio For Hair, we provide a wide range of waxing services for your entire body. 

  • Facial waxing. We provide expert brow shaping as well as hair removal from the lip, chin, nose, or the entire face. 
  • Bikini area. At Adagio For Hair, we provide several options for the bikini area, from a basic bikini that only removes visible hair, an extended bikini to remove some hair underneath your bikini, and a full Brazilian treatment, which leaves little to no hair on the bikini area. 
  • Body waxing. We also provide waxing services for the legs, arms, underarms, back, chest, stomach, shoulders, and toes. 

Get smooth, soft skin so you’re ready for your swimsuit with expert body waxing services at Adagio For Hair. Make an appointment today and let our expert estheticians help you get all the benefits of professional waxing for hair removal. You’ll find us at 4356 Town Center Blvd, Suite #114, El Dorado Hills, CA, call us at (916) 939-6604 to schedule your waxing appointment, or book online with our convenient scheduling tool. You can earn points and redeem them for valuable rewards in our exclusive Adagio For Hair loyalty program! Join now to start earning your exciting rewards.